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n. the study of the habits and behaviour of a vague nerdthing

Binturong Day
Bintie 6
Some things are really annoying.  Many of these things are small, fluffy dogs, and three of those things are the dogs that I am housesitting for. 

In reality only one of them is really annoying, and it's not really her fault.  I have an innate disdain for the small fluffies, so her tiny puppy cuteness only dulls that slightly.  She's a Yorkie, and for some reason her family bought her and then promptly went away for the long weekend, leaving the housesitter to deal with toilet training and everything.

It wouldn't be too bad, except that apparently for all they look like stuffed toys Yorkies are actual terriers.  They do not give up ever.  Yesterday I went home for Daniela's birthday and also because I had to watch Doctor Who (mainly Doctor Who :D) and I left puppy in her puppy pen, and when I got home she wasn't there.  She'd phased out.  She'd then managed to jump the big blocks blocking off the front hall, push aside the cardboard box blocking the stairs and climb all the way up, only to get trapped in the bathroom when the wind closed the door behind her.  I freaked out a bit (she could've pooed anywhere D:  She could've eaten anything D:) and took her back downstairs to see if she could get out of the pen again, which she promptly did.  She just jumps and keeps's like video game characters who double jump when you press X again when they're in the air. 

I moved the blocks to make the box harder to move, and she jumped straight onto them and tried to jump over the box, which she fell into and then walked out of (it has a puppy sized hole in the side) to try again.  She kept doing it for fifteen minutes before I locked her in the bathroom for the night.



But no one cares about tiny puppies, because it's BINT DAY, BINT DAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON BINT DAY.  The fourth annual binturong day to be precise...four years ago today I stumbled across Kris' excellent binturong analysis and it was scarily like me for a thing written without me in mind.  I think I've grown into it over time...back then I was a bit more sensitive and self-conscious than binturongs generally are.  I've still got my hang-ups (my god, I'm a mass of neuroses held together by really effective compensatory pathways), but for the most part I couldn't give a flying fish about what other people think about me.  I've come out of my shell, as it were.

It's good.  I like what I am and I'll be happy to keep going with that.  There's not too much else to say about that really.  I like being a bearcat.

As for celebrating binturong day, I'm sitting in my binturong hat having rewatched The Impossible Astronaut (D: :D :O D:), watched the Confidential to go along with it and having sung loudly along to Once More With Feeling, which was on TV (there's a Buffy-thon on foxtel this weekend, but most of my favourite episodes've been on really early in the morning.  Once More With Feeling was on at a good time :B).  My Ravenclaw scarf is nearing three feet (I started on Friday *pride*) and I'm listening to dorky music.  Binturong day isn't really a Luth-related deal, which is good, because I don't really have an overly gushy-affectionate relationship with my daemon.  I didn't know him for a couple of months after I found the form anyway.  Binturong day is more about being a terrible dork, because that's what being a binturong is to me :B

Soooo, yeah.  Four years a binturong :B

Tachycardia, hooray
Exam technique
Last time I was really heart-palpatationingly stressed I checked my heart rate and it was up at 92, which I thought was crazy high, but apparently not having done a 30%-of-the-grade essay by ten in the evening before it's due is nothing compared to the stress I find myself in when faced with one of my mum's dinner party moods.

Apparently that sort of stress puts me up around 100 or more, which is considered mild tachycardia in humans (though I am quite small and unfit, so maybe it's not that bad.  My problem is that I never think to check my normal heart rate).

Pesach starts tomorrow and I keep feeling myself being a bitch about it.  I've been in my room almost the entire day to keep away from my mum, even though she spent quite a bit of time clunking things around just outside my door as she cleaned.  Why are you cleaning the bathroom for Pesach.  Why. 

We're having both nights Seder here, which is something we've never done.  My mum is prone to going ballistic while she prepares for one normal dinner party, but this is so so much more...she's changed around all the food in the fridge and moved a select group of non-Pesach food over to a cupboard two cupboards away from where it was.  She's stressing out over fish and cooking and the whole house stinks of chicken soup (another reason to hide in my room). 

I'm being obnoxious because I'm always obnoxious when I'm pushed into a corner.  It's an unhelpful defence mechanism.  So mum knows that I intend on spending next week eating my giant Easter bunny that my boss gave me and going on an icecream crawl with my friends.  And that's making her more touchy, which has left me in a sort of permenant minor panic attack mode (hence the elevated heart rate from a teen minute trip downstairs). 

Thankfully I'm going out this afternoon (to see Terry Pratchett talk to Garth Nix :D), but that doesn't help the fact that on top of all this stupid Pesach stress I have a pathology exam on Wednesday that I'll barely have time to study for because of Pesach and because Sivan is moving to my room for the next week because we have family friends coming.  The increased exposure to people, self-hating Jewness and fear of path may drive me mad.

I have to get through it though, because I've decided that I want to knit myself a proper Ravenclaw scarf before July.

Ugh art thieves are dumb
Melty!face Two
Seriously, why do they steal my ugly old art?  Especially when there's a tutorial telling them how to make their own ugly old art that they can happily sell for all the stupid website points they could ever want?  When they do that I have to draw attention to the fact that yes, I used to draw like that.


My favourite bit is how in this one they misinterpreted the cat's marking, so theirs looks like it has even more severe posture problems than my original.

Hopefully she'll be decent about this :P  I'm not in the mood to be nice to thieves. 


I'm in a bad mood!  Hurrah!  Apparently the chicken placement guy didn't think that my friend and I were good at communicating, so he gave us a bum report and we've been advised to do extra placements. 

Bugger that.  Yeah, we're probably two of the most introverted people in the year, but we were really good and talkative there.  Not our fault that there wasn't much to talk about, and definitely not our fault that he was hard of hearing, so half the time we just gave up on conversations :/

I'm irritated because he didn't actually say why he'd panned us, so I don't know what I can do about it.  I emailed the coordinator of the whole thing though, so hopefully he'll see that it wasn't as if we were surly and silent all week.

I'm also angry at the Middle East (big surprise) and the Greens at the moment.  Also, I'm really tired from my essay writing spree late into last night :/

That said, Daniela gave me a gif that makes me happy.


Parasitology has happily carved out a niche as my least favourite subject this semester, which is a shame because it's basically learning about the behaviour and characteristics of little animals and then learning how to kill them (which is good because they make my skin crawl in a murderous way).  Unfortunately most of the lectures are horrible (except for a couple from one lecturer...I learned more from him in one hour while studying micro under the table than I had in three weeks of lectures), and they've given us a creative group project (which they assigned us groups for (thankfully I not only know my partner, but we get on and she's a Whovian :B)), and another group project where we couldn't see who was in the group we were signing up to, which means that my group is half full of my nerd friends and half full of the dickhead jocks of our class who accidentally joined our group because we picked the bottom one in the hope that we'll get a dog case study rather than a large animal one :/  WORK COHESIVELY CHILDREN.

We're meant to keep a blog of our progress for the creative project thing.  As soon as we're told to keep a blog or a diary I instantly want to write it the way I'd normally write a blog or a diary, but somehow I don't think that "lots of Doctor Who references" or "extreme use of ':B' emoticon" are in the marking criteria. 

Unfortunately my blog has suffered more or less the same fate that this livejournal suffered for years, and I've ignored it all semester.  My groupmate had posted something though, so I finally went and commented on her parasite proposal.  I hope my vague agreement with her proposal counts as 'using my blog', because otherwise I'm just tempted to fill it with Eleven gifs and pictures of Bill.  I'm kind of ambivalent about which parasite we pick because I hate them all and like to kill them all with fire/chemicals/more fire, so I'm happy to do anything.

There is one parasite that I hate most of all though.

Fucking fleas, making me claw all of my skin off while being innately more dapper than I am D:<

But what comes after Sunday?
Bintie 5
Congratulations!!! You are a proud member of the Norse Pantheon. Siding with the Norse puts you in the realm of the honor-bound, valiant warrior gods who are only strengthened by adversity. Never say die! Too much vision can lead to depression, but even though you and your fellow gods know your world is eventually doomed, your goal is to build your empires, fight your enemies and party with the greatest gusto you can muster up until the twilight of the gods. Your stunning Norse landscape of icy mountains and fjords, mysterious forests and rushing rivers will inspire you to great deeds of heroism.

A sneaky trickster, Loki is always feeling slighted by the other gods and determined to take revenge. Identifying with Loki can mean you have a good feel for the strengths and weaknesses of a situation or a system and intuitively know how to turn things to your own advantage. Your Loki power of persuasiveness and dis-information (deceit) contributes to success in psychological warfare, gaining unexpected allies, and unifying rabble and rogues to your cause. Beware of being tricked yourself.
God Power: Spy: Target on an enemy unit to secretly see what he sees.

OH MAN I MISS AGE OF MYTHOLOGY IT WAS SO GREAT.  I got it for my 13th birthday, with my you-didn't-have-a-BatMitzvah-but-here's-some-money-anyway money.  I liked the game better before they added in the Atlanteans in the expansion pack because I was always them afterwards and I missed the Egyptians and the Norse (Atlanteans built strong walls and had cool myth units, which was what tore me between the other two).  I liked being Loki, Set or Isis (or Gaia with the expansion :P).

Ahh, memories.  Dorky dorky memories~

I'm pretty sure that I scored Loki because I like shapeshifters and picked the "be a dickhead liar" power in whichever question that was.  I guess if you tilt your head and squint I have some Loki qualities but I use them to be conflict-avoidant and keep myself out of trouble?  I don't think I fit any of those main gods very well, but I will side with the manipulative trickster jerk quite happily <3







I'm actually more stressed about the fact that we have a horrible essay (which can only be something like 600, 700 words or something) that I haven't started due not this Monday, but the Monday after.  HORRIBLE.  I wanted to write something about's on any topic relating to behaviour and/or welfare, but we have to get three papers from the last year, and there is nothing on rabbits that has more than one paper to its name (unless it's using them as models for human medicine :/).  Boo, being told that we could do it on anything we were interested in.  90% of the class is doing seperation anxiety in dogs because apparently that's all that people wrote about last year.

That, and both of my Parasitology lecturers are useless, especially Bondi Vet's dad, who mumbles.  Mumbles latin names of parasites I know nothing about yet D:<


PICHURS.  I will try to do this more frequently so that I don't clog everything with three weeks of scribbles every time I decide to scan out my scribbles.

IT'S FRIDAY, FRIDAY well not really because I was too busy to scan these on Friday :/  HEY LOOK AMAM STILL EXISTS AND HANGS IN MY HEAD SOMETIMES.
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Bill and Sam spam
Oh my god guys, I love drawing Bill and Sam.  I drew them a couple of times during the week (though most of my scribbles were of eventually-to-be-scanned civets >>), and then I decided that they should be all Pride-y, since they're my random overlooked sexuality characters. 

Also, I went to the Mardi Gras and it was awesome, even if I do now feel like my left knee is hyperextending whenever I put weight on it.  I had a Scotsman throw his undies at me, and I got wet in the rain, and I got confetti in my sleeves from the marriage rights float, and I heard that new Lady Gaga song for the third, fourth and fifth time that day (it was on twice at work :P), and I went "WOOOOOOO" a lot.  Mum went nuts too, especially when Dayenu went by and Sivan came over and gave us a flag (I thought mum was going to take someone's eye out with it, she got so excited).

Dad was dad, you can't really expect more.  It was good of him to come though, considering he likes noise and crowds even less than I do (I only survived the crowds because we snagged a spot right at the front, so I had air).

Next year AVEN, next year we should go in.  It'd be brilliant.
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Uni and other things
Bintie 8
Bus internet is about the most exciting thing ever.  Busternet. 

My [main] bus to uni has a wifi trial going on, and I have to say, it makes the trip fly by.  It gives you 45 minutes of internet, which is about the length of my trip on that bus, so it's perfect.  Potentially disastrous to my sleeping patterns though, since I do most of my sleeping on the bus >>

Today I had three hours of Pharm stuff with a lecturer who is also a very old family friend (ah, remember the time you told me Miffy was a girl?  Good times, good times) and three hours of Behaviour and Welfare with one of my favourite lecturers from first year.  I am so pumped for that subject, I can't tell you.  Granted, we already have a hugemongous essay due in a month, but it can be written on any welfare issue that has three papers from the last year.  That rules out anything to do with small-toothed palm civets (since the only paper on them is from the 60s and is inaccessible for some reason), but I'm fairly sure I can live with that, given time and counselling.  I'd really like to do something about rabbits, but we'll see how we go.

We also get to train ratties in Behaviour, which is awesome, because rats are pretty cool but I really don't have too much experience with them.  I am excite.

So already back with my nose to the grind.  This should be a fun semester :/  We get to start Parasitology tomorrow, and probably Pathology and Micro too.  WHO KNOWS, I SURE DON'T.  My brain doesn't want to be at uni again.


I've actually been busy the last few weeks, much as I haven't written anything.  I'm fairly sure that I made my cousin think that I'm gay, which is pretty hilarious.  She used to be really friendly with me but as her family have drifted towards the more religious she's become much more abrupt with me.  We went out for dinner with her while she was up here and Sivan and I made the topic of conversation for the evening the Mardi Gras (and how I was upset that I'm not marching in it this year because AVEN didn't have time to organise anything) and I'm fairly sure my aunt is now going to hear about how Zoe is not only an atheist (shock horror) but also a gay D:  And then she'll get really awkward around me and then it'll be hilarious when I tell her that I'm not and ask where she got such a crazy idea.

The unfortunate con to this is that I now think my grandma thinks I'm gay, and considering she's the only person I care about that I'm not out about being ace to this is a Bad Thing.  Mainly because I just don't want to strain and complicate our relationship :/  Ah well, we deal with things as they come.

The best thing that came out of our evening of Bnei-baiting fun was that mum and I went off to the Mardi Gras fair.  I thought it was going to be a day of terrible awkwardness, because mum decided that the best way to fit in would be to wear every pink thing she owned, and because she asked what 'AVEN' stood for about three times before we got there, but she was fantastic.  We bought rainbow coloured cups (I will never use the orange one) and met up with one of her workmates and her partner and sat with them under their shade-thing (good god it was hot) and discussed stuff and...I don't know, considering that mum freaked out and gave me the cold shoulder for about two days after I did my big official coming out thing last year she was absolutely wonderful.  She was talking about how she accepted me for me and how all she wants is for me to be happy and about how she defends my lack of interest in boys to her friends (to the point where she was talking about one guy who says that I 'just need to find the right guy', and when I said "or the right girl, I should keep my options open" mum said that she'd say that next time). 

I think her best friend from school smacked her upside the head about it, because I know she was stressing about me to her friends (it's obvious when they bring it up in casual conversation >>) and Bron wouldn't take that sort of flailing crap.  Also, when we were at her place over New Years (and I was delirious) there was a small and surprisingly positive conversation about the whole thing.

We're going to watch Sivan on the Jew float in the actual parade and it will be awesome and stuff.

Second year notes
Exam technique
There's a box that has been on my floor for the whole holidays, and I've just cleared it out and found my notebook for semester one of last year.  So I thought I'd do a scribbledump, because some of it amused me.  Hurrah, let's do that.

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You are so terrible, you are really terrible
Melty!face Two
Sometimes you hear things which are so stupid that your brain doesn't even want to accept them.

So today we went out for dinner with an orthodontist that dad refers to.  It was good fun, he and his family were really nice and the food was good.  Apparently his oldest son was hot, but I didn't pick up on that >>  At one point this guy was talking to my dad and I was picking up bits of the story, and it sounded so dumb that I thought I'd misheard.  So I asked for clarification.

The orthodontist knew an oral surgeon, who, with a couple of friends, spent 1.9 million on a yearling horse.  Buggered if I know what they wanted it for, but still.  The oral surgeon was watching the horse eat and noticed that it was a class had an overbite.  So he knocked it out and broke its jaw to reset and correct it, so that its teeth met at the front.  As soon as the horse came round the force of its muscles broke all of the setting this guy had done.

I'm assuming at this point they had to put the horse down.

Holy shit guys, I care less about horses now that I was forced to study them for a semester, but I actually am so stunned at the stupidity of this story that I don't have room to be angry at the HUGE BREACH OF WELFARE of this story.

First off, how the crap was this guy able to anaesthetise a horse by himself?  Surely a vet had to be involved somewhere.  Assumingly an equine vet, since they'd spent a metric crapton of money on this animal.  How did this vet not tell the guy that this procedure would not work?  I spent nearly two hours scraping jaw muscle off a horse head, I know how much muscle is there.  There is no way that a human dentist could comprehend that, and work to predict for that kind of force.

More importantly, how did the vet fail to inform this guy that ALL HORSES HAVE CLASS TWO DENTITION.  At least when they hold their heads up.  That is why vets have to go in and rasp their teeth down...horses eating up high do not wear their teeth properly, because they don't meet properly unless the horse's head is down.  When they eat off the ground gravity pulls their bottom jaw down to meet their top jaw properly.  Horses are full of dumb anatomy, but that is actually clever there.

In summary, a guy kills his expensive horse by doing human jaw surgery on it when it does not need surgery because there is nothing wrong with it because horse =/= human.

Fuck, human doctors.  Learn to comparative anatomy.


The flesh-eating beetles are back at work.  I spent today digging them out of the pig trotters and the lamb bones (ffff why do they have to pick the most disgusting, greasy bones?).  Buggered if I'm going to sit back and let the store get infested as badly as last year.

I was really proud when I recognised them on the Natural History Museum documentary, because I could be a smartarse about it.  And it does sound more impressive to say "oh, I'm just making sure the bones don't have any flesh-eating beetle larvae in them, don't mind me"...but I was kind of hoping they wouldn't be back this year :/
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So apparently we're all doing the daemon quiz?
Bintie 5

Your result for The Golden Compass Daemon Test...

Independent Soul.


You are calm and logical, but not unemotional. You are an introvert, at heart, preferring to read alone than be subjected to the crush and noise of a big party or bar. You have a few friends and family, whose presence you welcome - to a point. Even they can wear on your nerves eventually, and you need to retreat back into your personal space for a while so you can recharge. Your energy comes in bursts, after which you need a long nap or a couple of evenings at home to recuperate.

You are comfortable with yourself, and reasonably confident. You want the friendship and goodwill of others, but you are not willing to sacrifice your principles in order to get it. If your close friends need something that you can provide, however, you will be the first to offer it.

You are a good and sympathetic listener, and are aware of your friend's emotional states. With your very close friends, you will open up, but rarely - you don't like to burden people with your problems. At the same time, though, you are honest and are not willing to alter the truth for the sake of convenience. Among strangers you are reserved, and may resort to making jokes to disguise your true feelings.

While you are not afraid of conflict, you do not seek it, either. When you are hurt or insulted, you feel that you have a choice to make. You can choose to take the up on it and defend yourself, or you can let it pass. Your decision may depend on how well you know the person, how personally you take the insult, or simply what mood you are in that day. Your friends may not always know how you are going to react, for that reason. Whatever you reaction, though, you will be logical, rational and unnervingly accurate: a measured strike.

Your daemon's form would represent your calm, introverted nature, your cool logic, and your impatience with crowds of people. He or she would probably whisper ironic comments in your ear, give logical advice and try to hide his or her soft side from everyone, even you.

Suggested forms: Peregrine Falcon, Snowy Owl, Snow Leopard, Siberian Tiger, Osprey.

Take The Golden Compass Daemon Test at HelloQuizzy


Incidentally, on question 17, I read the "I never knew my father" option in Bruce from Finding Nemo's voice >>   I NEVAH NYEW MOI FATHAAAAAH

Despite how close that is to me (besides the lolhonesty always (lying is not for convenience unless that convenience is self-preservation or the preservation of the feelings of someone important (where the lie will not negatively affect them in any way), but I'd be lying if I called myself honest, though I'm quite honest about my Rules For Lying >>) and the conflict stuff (the decision is always to run unless the conflict is Extremely Important, so people who know me pretty much know how I'll react to things)) I test really badly in things like that.  I'm really bad at hypotheticals...when all the options seem horrible I usually don't want to think about them at all.  I'm also tempted to put the really blunt, scientific answers (yeah, laughter is a physical expression of happiness or whatever), because you can't argue with that. 

Bluh bluh bluh


I had a funny turn yesterday, like over New Years, with all the muscle and joint pain.  Thankfully it's mostly gone today, but I should probably check what the results of all the tests last time were, just in case it was more than weird, snot-free flu.
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