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You are so terrible, you are really terrible
Melty!face Two
Sometimes you hear things which are so stupid that your brain doesn't even want to accept them.

So today we went out for dinner with an orthodontist that dad refers to.  It was good fun, he and his family were really nice and the food was good.  Apparently his oldest son was hot, but I didn't pick up on that >>  At one point this guy was talking to my dad and I was picking up bits of the story, and it sounded so dumb that I thought I'd misheard.  So I asked for clarification.

The orthodontist knew an oral surgeon, who, with a couple of friends, spent 1.9 million on a yearling horse.  Buggered if I know what they wanted it for, but still.  The oral surgeon was watching the horse eat and noticed that it was a class had an overbite.  So he knocked it out and broke its jaw to reset and correct it, so that its teeth met at the front.  As soon as the horse came round the force of its muscles broke all of the setting this guy had done.

I'm assuming at this point they had to put the horse down.

Holy shit guys, I care less about horses now that I was forced to study them for a semester, but I actually am so stunned at the stupidity of this story that I don't have room to be angry at the HUGE BREACH OF WELFARE of this story.

First off, how the crap was this guy able to anaesthetise a horse by himself?  Surely a vet had to be involved somewhere.  Assumingly an equine vet, since they'd spent a metric crapton of money on this animal.  How did this vet not tell the guy that this procedure would not work?  I spent nearly two hours scraping jaw muscle off a horse head, I know how much muscle is there.  There is no way that a human dentist could comprehend that, and work to predict for that kind of force.

More importantly, how did the vet fail to inform this guy that ALL HORSES HAVE CLASS TWO DENTITION.  At least when they hold their heads up.  That is why vets have to go in and rasp their teeth down...horses eating up high do not wear their teeth properly, because they don't meet properly unless the horse's head is down.  When they eat off the ground gravity pulls their bottom jaw down to meet their top jaw properly.  Horses are full of dumb anatomy, but that is actually clever there.

In summary, a guy kills his expensive horse by doing human jaw surgery on it when it does not need surgery because there is nothing wrong with it because horse =/= human.

Fuck, human doctors.  Learn to comparative anatomy.


The flesh-eating beetles are back at work.  I spent today digging them out of the pig trotters and the lamb bones (ffff why do they have to pick the most disgusting, greasy bones?).  Buggered if I'm going to sit back and let the store get infested as badly as last year.

I was really proud when I recognised them on the Natural History Museum documentary, because I could be a smartarse about it.  And it does sound more impressive to say "oh, I'm just making sure the bones don't have any flesh-eating beetle larvae in them, don't mind me"...but I was kind of hoping they wouldn't be back this year :/
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Holy shit, how in the hell--oh my god, it's like something out of friggin' Black Beauty. =| People who drop more than a thousand bucks on an animal should really be required to get certified in their care. People who drop nearly TWO MILLION, especially so. What a waste of a perfectly good horse!

Seriously. I'm really really hoping that somewhere along the line the story was distorted...but all I can think of is that a vet did the surgery, and I really can't think of any instance where that would happen. So mostly I'm just flailing in disbelief.

It was young too :C, wtf?
The only thing I can think of is that this guy thought, "lol all animals must be like humans, and this one is broken. Oh, I can fix it! Yay!" ><;

Agreed with Mill that this sounds like something out of Black Beauty D8


It's very bad, because it's giving me a superiority complex...I'm fairly sure that by the end of my course I could potentially work my way around how to treat a human (after a bit of research on musculature...our muscles are all in the wrong places and have different names) because we're taught to compare and contrast and work with that...but human medicine doesn't do anything along those lines. Dad has difficulties translating his dental knowledge when I try to talk to him about animal teeth :/

Ah, makes sense... I've heard that vet students spend longer in school than med students o:

I think they do in the we do five or six years because the degree is undergraduate. Med students can only do it postgraduate, so it takes longer for them. We pack a lot more in I think, since there's so much diversity.

this is just dumb, I can't. Why would you do that to an animal; that's just creepy. o_o; it reminds me so much of Charlie and the CHocolate Factory and Wonka's creepy dad, ewww. And dentists/ontologists wonder why people hate them, lol? XD Fucking creeps.

Hey now, my dad's a dentist :D Not a Christopher Lee style creepy one though...that said, if you want a demonstration of dentists-can't-do-human-emotions my iguana!dad is pretty good for that <3

XD I know but... sorry, I can't help but finding dentistry creepy. I find anatomy extremely creepy too. I dunno that I could date a dentist/doctor... I think their job is creepy. >>

I find human mouths disgusting :/ I did not enjoy dental nursing for my dad. But I can understand being creeped out by doctor-y types. They know far too much about the inner workings of your body :B

(Deleted comment)
I really really hope that it's a myth or that some of the details were wrong, but the orthodontist knows this guy personally, and I think it'd be hard to get the entire plot of the story wrong enough for it to have actually made sense in the real world. I can't imagine any instance where a vet would say "yes, this horse's overbite is actually abnormal (compared to a normal horse overbite) and we're going to break and fix its jaw", because horse jaws are really really thick (ffff equine dissection D:<) and their muscles are crazy strong. Plus, if I were a vet with a horse that actually had a legitimate overbite I would say to feed it off the ground, because that would diminish the problem to the point where the horse could do well enough, and then I'd become really good at rasping teeth and I'd go round to them all the time and make megamillions keeping its teeth in check.

If it is fiction I think I just found a fiction that (in my head) is even dumber than Twilight :P

What is this.

I don't Even.


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