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Uni and other things
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Bus internet is about the most exciting thing ever.  Busternet. 

My [main] bus to uni has a wifi trial going on, and I have to say, it makes the trip fly by.  It gives you 45 minutes of internet, which is about the length of my trip on that bus, so it's perfect.  Potentially disastrous to my sleeping patterns though, since I do most of my sleeping on the bus >>

Today I had three hours of Pharm stuff with a lecturer who is also a very old family friend (ah, remember the time you told me Miffy was a girl?  Good times, good times) and three hours of Behaviour and Welfare with one of my favourite lecturers from first year.  I am so pumped for that subject, I can't tell you.  Granted, we already have a hugemongous essay due in a month, but it can be written on any welfare issue that has three papers from the last year.  That rules out anything to do with small-toothed palm civets (since the only paper on them is from the 60s and is inaccessible for some reason), but I'm fairly sure I can live with that, given time and counselling.  I'd really like to do something about rabbits, but we'll see how we go.

We also get to train ratties in Behaviour, which is awesome, because rats are pretty cool but I really don't have too much experience with them.  I am excite.

So already back with my nose to the grind.  This should be a fun semester :/  We get to start Parasitology tomorrow, and probably Pathology and Micro too.  WHO KNOWS, I SURE DON'T.  My brain doesn't want to be at uni again.


I've actually been busy the last few weeks, much as I haven't written anything.  I'm fairly sure that I made my cousin think that I'm gay, which is pretty hilarious.  She used to be really friendly with me but as her family have drifted towards the more religious she's become much more abrupt with me.  We went out for dinner with her while she was up here and Sivan and I made the topic of conversation for the evening the Mardi Gras (and how I was upset that I'm not marching in it this year because AVEN didn't have time to organise anything) and I'm fairly sure my aunt is now going to hear about how Zoe is not only an atheist (shock horror) but also a gay D:  And then she'll get really awkward around me and then it'll be hilarious when I tell her that I'm not and ask where she got such a crazy idea.

The unfortunate con to this is that I now think my grandma thinks I'm gay, and considering she's the only person I care about that I'm not out about being ace to this is a Bad Thing.  Mainly because I just don't want to strain and complicate our relationship :/  Ah well, we deal with things as they come.

The best thing that came out of our evening of Bnei-baiting fun was that mum and I went off to the Mardi Gras fair.  I thought it was going to be a day of terrible awkwardness, because mum decided that the best way to fit in would be to wear every pink thing she owned, and because she asked what 'AVEN' stood for about three times before we got there, but she was fantastic.  We bought rainbow coloured cups (I will never use the orange one) and met up with one of her workmates and her partner and sat with them under their shade-thing (good god it was hot) and discussed stuff and...I don't know, considering that mum freaked out and gave me the cold shoulder for about two days after I did my big official coming out thing last year she was absolutely wonderful.  She was talking about how she accepted me for me and how all she wants is for me to be happy and about how she defends my lack of interest in boys to her friends (to the point where she was talking about one guy who says that I 'just need to find the right guy', and when I said "or the right girl, I should keep my options open" mum said that she'd say that next time). 

I think her best friend from school smacked her upside the head about it, because I know she was stressing about me to her friends (it's obvious when they bring it up in casual conversation >>) and Bron wouldn't take that sort of flailing crap.  Also, when we were at her place over New Years (and I was delirious) there was a small and surprisingly positive conversation about the whole thing.

We're going to watch Sivan on the Jew float in the actual parade and it will be awesome and stuff.

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Mardi Gras :o seems so much fun! In the Netherlands, only the southern regions are celebrating Mardi Gras (or 'Carnaval' as we call it) so I never got to see it for real. Although it seems different in other countries. It looks like a good opportunity to wear a costume.

But how would one think you are gay when you're asexual :o ?

and do you have awkward conversations about you being an atheist with your family?
My family is christian, and my parents are pretty strict in it. Four years ago when I left church and such, my mom does try to avoid the subject. But my sister asked me about it last sunday again, it was some time ago (I thought I was clear about it to everyone, but I don't see my older sister much) , I didn't really know what to say.

Hope you have fun with all your new classes ^^

Mardi Gras is a huge thing here in Sydney (other places have Pride festivals but our Mardi Gras is the big one) but I've never been to it either...mainly because I'm not good with crowds and noise. But I've always wanted to go.

I think it was a combination of the fact that my cousin probably ignores the times that I've talked about being asexual, plus the fact that most people just assume that the Mardi Gras is for homosexuality (my grandma asked at one point if you have to be gay to go in and we had to specify that Sivan is going on the Jewish float as a heterosexual supporter). Plus the fact that I was wearing a tie, which my sister disapproves of because apparently I 'look like a lesbian' :/

My close family are not religious in any way and I think my dad's a closet atheist, but my grandma is pretty big in the Jewish community here, so she's not keen on my atheism (another reason I just don't want to get into sexuality stuff with her). She hopes that I'll change back all the time. My mum's close family are really religious, but they live in Israel so there aren't too many awkward conversations. It's mainly my dad's brother's family, but again, they're in Melbourne so it's not too bad.

It can be really awkward to have those conversations...I haven't been to shule for a High Holy Day in the last four years, and I just try not to talk about that around relatives I don't want to offend :P

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