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Bill and Sam spam
Oh my god guys, I love drawing Bill and Sam.  I drew them a couple of times during the week (though most of my scribbles were of eventually-to-be-scanned civets >>), and then I decided that they should be all Pride-y, since they're my random overlooked sexuality characters. 

Also, I went to the Mardi Gras and it was awesome, even if I do now feel like my left knee is hyperextending whenever I put weight on it.  I had a Scotsman throw his undies at me, and I got wet in the rain, and I got confetti in my sleeves from the marriage rights float, and I heard that new Lady Gaga song for the third, fourth and fifth time that day (it was on twice at work :P), and I went "WOOOOOOO" a lot.  Mum went nuts too, especially when Dayenu went by and Sivan came over and gave us a flag (I thought mum was going to take someone's eye out with it, she got so excited).

Dad was dad, you can't really expect more.  It was good of him to come though, considering he likes noise and crowds even less than I do (I only survived the crowds because we snagged a spot right at the front, so I had air).

Next year AVEN, next year we should go in.  It'd be brilliant.

I love you Bill you are adorable.  And I'm sure you're really squishy to hug <3

I like the lightning bolt blaze thing that Sam has going.  There are rumours that he bleaches the edges to keep it looking neat like that, but you didn't hear it from me.  Also, his eyebrow ring seems to've swapped eyebrow, but I haven't drawn it on the right since that first picture, so oh well.

Colourrrrrrrrr :D  Also, they look really young here.  I have no idea how the two of them got to be friends, honestly.  Bill's such a nice guy and Sam is a dick, and is exactly the sort of dick that I'd not want to be around.  I'm pretty sure he's pointing out hot guys and girls to play that "but everyone likes someone, what do you think of them?" game, but Bill doesn't seem too bothered.  I think Sam probably only acts like that because they're good enough friends for him to get away with it, and that in a pinch he'd fight for Bill's aceness.  But then again maybe he's just pointing out a really cool float.

OVERTHINKING.  Especially since these two started out as one-off scribbles in Animal Husbandry :P

Bill is wearing a variation on my favourite ace slogan shirt (I buggered the writing, but it says "unscrewed yet illuminating"), but Sam's shirt is all mine, and probably the cleverest thing I did all week >>  MOR-some indeed.  The only problem is that Sam is not a MOR (male oriented ram) because he's not a sheep, and he's also not strictly male oriented.  I assume he had a ram boyfriend at some point and he pinched the shirt when they broke up.

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Bill and Sam are my new favourite things ever. I love nice-guy and complete-jerk bromances. ...I'm assuming this is a bromance, actually. But oh man, I just love total jerk characters and then sort of meek nice guys and the dynamics between characters like that. And you're just super at drawing anyway. <333

I also love that little perhaps-backstory of Sam's. And I love how you're all "well this probably happened" because, yeah, characters are their own people and you sort of pick up things about them on the way and they just develop by themselves more often than not. IT'S AWESOME.


Their bromance is my new favourite thing too (it's exactly like that, how cliched :P But I've never had characters with that dynamic, so it's perfectly acceptable). It's weird how vaguely populated my head is at the moment (my sort-of-but-not-really headmate was hanging around a couple of weeks ago, because he's always around when I get invited to a party where there is booze (also the friend whose brother's party it was is fond of him and so he'll sometimes pop in when I hang out with her for big things)). And then I'm trying to work out what the deal is with these guys.

I LOVE YOU TOO :D I HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD DAY (night? Timezones are nonsense) <3

(Deleted comment)
Thank you :B Sam's a bit of an uberthing, since he has a cool shaped marking and he dyes his hair and has a piercing and smokes like a badass and dresses like a sparkledog. But he does it because he's a tit and thinks he's awesome, not because he actually is any shade of cool >>

But yeah, there's no point in boring and flat characters :D


Zoeee these are lovely. I love Bill's expressions and how his legs turn in in the third picture and his little rainbow flag. It's awesome how much depth you can give to random scribbles.

(I'm sorry to ask here, but I sent you an email/dA message that's really important and I'm worried you haven't got it)

Sorry about that, I haven't been near the internet since this morning. I've replied to the dA note. I was actually considering editing in something about the forum downtime when I wrote this last night, but I decided that I couldn't be bothered, so sorry about that :P Anyway it's all sorted now.

Thank you though, I appreciate it. I do love scribbling these guys :B

Man an AVEN meetup would be so cool. xD All these ace people just hanging around being ace.

I did go to an AVEN meet last year, which was brilliant. We went out for dinner and talked about TV and music and movies and books and stuff and it was just generally nice. There was a plan to march in the Mardi Gras, but the end of last year was really busy for all the regular Sydney AVENites who were thinking of organising it and it fell though, so hopefully we'll be better prepared for next year.

Waiiitt, They have Mardi Gras in Aussie-land too!? Aweeesoomme!! The one in Lousisana, USA is SO much UBER FUN!! But I didn;t get to go this year even though I live close -sadness- Ahhh well! Glad you enjoyed the festivities =D

I've been informed by my Canadian friends that Sydney is doing Mardi Gras wrong...apparently it's meant to be a big general festival celebration on a Tuesday or something? Mardi Gras is Sydney's Pride parade, so it's always on the weekend and has an Agenda. But it's still awesome fun (I'm generalising since this was the first time I've gone :P).

Hehe I was wondering! Mardi Gras is mostly a Louisiana thing to celebrate and get insanely drunk and crazy Tuesday before lent. It really dosen't have anything to do with pride, but people dress up in the most bizarre costumes and throw beads out of huge floats =) Yours sounds like lots of fun too! There are not any large Pride parades around except for New your or California

Soon-to-be-scanned civets? I am intruiiigued.
*hopes for masks or perhaps common palms*
(not for me, but they're adorable the way you draw them)


No masks, but a couple of common palms and toofs and a crappy Owstie.

*scans things*

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