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But what comes after Sunday?
Bintie 5
Congratulations!!! You are a proud member of the Norse Pantheon. Siding with the Norse puts you in the realm of the honor-bound, valiant warrior gods who are only strengthened by adversity. Never say die! Too much vision can lead to depression, but even though you and your fellow gods know your world is eventually doomed, your goal is to build your empires, fight your enemies and party with the greatest gusto you can muster up until the twilight of the gods. Your stunning Norse landscape of icy mountains and fjords, mysterious forests and rushing rivers will inspire you to great deeds of heroism.

A sneaky trickster, Loki is always feeling slighted by the other gods and determined to take revenge. Identifying with Loki can mean you have a good feel for the strengths and weaknesses of a situation or a system and intuitively know how to turn things to your own advantage. Your Loki power of persuasiveness and dis-information (deceit) contributes to success in psychological warfare, gaining unexpected allies, and unifying rabble and rogues to your cause. Beware of being tricked yourself.
God Power: Spy: Target on an enemy unit to secretly see what he sees.

OH MAN I MISS AGE OF MYTHOLOGY IT WAS SO GREAT.  I got it for my 13th birthday, with my you-didn't-have-a-BatMitzvah-but-here's-some-money-anyway money.  I liked the game better before they added in the Atlanteans in the expansion pack because I was always them afterwards and I missed the Egyptians and the Norse (Atlanteans built strong walls and had cool myth units, which was what tore me between the other two).  I liked being Loki, Set or Isis (or Gaia with the expansion :P).

Ahh, memories.  Dorky dorky memories~

I'm pretty sure that I scored Loki because I like shapeshifters and picked the "be a dickhead liar" power in whichever question that was.  I guess if you tilt your head and squint I have some Loki qualities but I use them to be conflict-avoidant and keep myself out of trouble?  I don't think I fit any of those main gods very well, but I will side with the manipulative trickster jerk quite happily <3







I'm actually more stressed about the fact that we have a horrible essay (which can only be something like 600, 700 words or something) that I haven't started due not this Monday, but the Monday after.  HORRIBLE.  I wanted to write something about's on any topic relating to behaviour and/or welfare, but we have to get three papers from the last year, and there is nothing on rabbits that has more than one paper to its name (unless it's using them as models for human medicine :/).  Boo, being told that we could do it on anything we were interested in.  90% of the class is doing seperation anxiety in dogs because apparently that's all that people wrote about last year.

That, and both of my Parasitology lecturers are useless, especially Bondi Vet's dad, who mumbles.  Mumbles latin names of parasites I know nothing about yet D:<


PICHURS.  I will try to do this more frequently so that I don't clog everything with three weeks of scribbles every time I decide to scan out my scribbles.

IT'S FRIDAY, FRIDAY well not really because I was too busy to scan these on Friday :/  HEY LOOK AMAM STILL EXISTS AND HANGS IN MY HEAD SOMETIMES.

All I drew on the first two days were small-toothed palm civets.  All I learned was that no matter how much I love them I cannot use them for the aforementioned essay, and that if things have parasites you should treat them with fire rather than medicines.

Working out if I can make the toof face distinctive from all the other treecivets, which look more or less the same, just with different markings.  Toofs are really derpy with their silly ears and their giant eyes which often don't seem to have pupils.

I don't know why, but I tend to overlook common palms.  They come in beautiful colours too.
Also, aardvark.

Groundcivets count too <3

SUDDENLY, AARDVARKS.  Aardvarks are all of the features that I like to draw in one animal.  If I believed in a deity I would believe that they were designed specially for me.

At some point during my pathology lectures I decided that it was quicker to draw a poorly drawn little TARDIS than to write "regeneration".  I don't think it acutally is, but I keep doing it.

BILLLLLL ANNNND SAAAAAAAMMMMMMM.  Bill is a dick at Scrabble.  It's not Sam's fault that he thinks jozxyqk is a legitimate word in Scrabble (if I were playing it totally would be).

Height reference?  Sam it a little taller than Bill, and Bill is tubbier.  I think this started as an experiement to see if I could do Bill's face from the front (I think I need more picture references, but all the sheep in my lectures have bottlejaw or hepatogenous photosensitisation :C  Or have been cut open because they're full of mumblemumbleworms).  Sam should probably be lankier.

DIASTEMA!SMILES ARE AWESOME AND ATTRACTIVE YOU GUYS.  I need to work out how to get their premolars looking right (that said, only having bottom incisors is a bitch to rationalise visually too.  Ungulates, why you do this :'C)

Fortunately horizontal pupils are not difficult to rationalise visually, so I have been drawing them everywhere.

My friend asked me why they're wearing top hats, as if there's another sort of hat you can wear when you go out riding aardvarks.


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Really? That's a poop, stupid dA. I cannot conquer the internet for paradoxurinae alone D:

Ooh, new shiny laptop :O I'm sort of jealous, though I do love my clunky, wheezy old computer. When I get a new one I'll have to get a new tablet, since my tablet isn't widescreen, and I'm painfully attached to my tablet. My main computer is Derek and my little laptop is Eddie (from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy too :B), and I think my next computer will be Holly (I actually don't know why I've never had a computer called Holly. There...there is no excuse for that).



As far as I know, there's no Holly in HG... do you mean you're going to name it after a Watership Down character? (Captain Holly of the Sandleford Owsla, didn't even have to look that one up) or just because it's a nice name?
NEW LAPTOP TOMORROW- I've decided to call it Ford now, because I prefer HG to Dirk Gently. I'm saving up for a tablet too, even though it'll probably be purchased from the wonderful land of Ebay.
If you don't mind, I could upload paradoxurinae drawings to photobucket, and then you could save them, upload them and then delete them from your computer? Then there will be more paradoxurinae and I will have a lovely vivproject to work on over my three-week holiday that starts soon. :D?

Much as I love Watership Down (in a PTSD, horror-of-my-childhood way) Holly would be after the computer from Red Dwarf (the show that (I would argue) laid the foundations for the huge amount of nerd I am today). Holly has an IQ of 6000, the same IQ as 6000 PE teachers and describes a stasis leak as "a leak, right, in stasis. Hence the name 'stasis leak'" <3

Ford is an excellent name for a computer (like it's an excellent and completely normal name for a person who is definitely not an alien >>). Tablets are fun fun fun fun, and I think that little ones like Bamboos are pretty cheap. Mine cost me $350 (D:) but that was six years ago and it was top of the line then. And barring the one problem that I had where I had to get the power cord replaced I haven't had any other issues with it.

Do you mean upload things to your dA? I'm happy to do that for you, though I might be a little slow because of my workload :/


If you don't mind... I could set up an account for this? That might be easier... I'm probably going to set up a proper account for myself if I can upload things from Ford, so I don't want to upload them to my old one. I'll PM you the details? (I just realised this site is public and any old nutter can wander in, take the details and troll the account)

If only Ford had done better research, he'd have an awful and boring name not fit for a laptop. Hooray for minimal research. Eee, I'm hoping to get a Bamboo. Not just because I'm crisising with red panda.

See, this is one of those dumb bint things, where I forget to pay attention to the fact that everything is in public and baddies might get at details here. Pft, who would bother. But yeah, privacy is probably justified in this case...send me a PM :D

Eee, I'm hoping to get a Bamboo. Not just because I'm crisising with red panda.
Well played sir, well played :D


What annoys me is that masks have no awesome special thing they're famous for. They don't smell of popcorn, or pot, they don't have a quaint way of eating, walking or sleeping, they're not reputable thieves or anything. They're boring little buggers.

Argh, Ford arrived today and he had unknowingly been used as an in-store demonstration so he had an account set up on him and I can't use him so he's being replaced on Thursday (ironic little HG reference) which delays Operation Paradoxurinae. And I need to buy Photoshop Elements before I get a tablet and argh stupid laptop-selling idiots.

I don't really think that anyone would care about ruining Operation Paradoxurinae enough to do it. But you never know, there's some weirdos out there (says the girl complaining that her daemon doesn't smell like pot :D)

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