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Parasitology has happily carved out a niche as my least favourite subject this semester, which is a shame because it's basically learning about the behaviour and characteristics of little animals and then learning how to kill them (which is good because they make my skin crawl in a murderous way).  Unfortunately most of the lectures are horrible (except for a couple from one lecturer...I learned more from him in one hour while studying micro under the table than I had in three weeks of lectures), and they've given us a creative group project (which they assigned us groups for (thankfully I not only know my partner, but we get on and she's a Whovian :B)), and another group project where we couldn't see who was in the group we were signing up to, which means that my group is half full of my nerd friends and half full of the dickhead jocks of our class who accidentally joined our group because we picked the bottom one in the hope that we'll get a dog case study rather than a large animal one :/  WORK COHESIVELY CHILDREN.

We're meant to keep a blog of our progress for the creative project thing.  As soon as we're told to keep a blog or a diary I instantly want to write it the way I'd normally write a blog or a diary, but somehow I don't think that "lots of Doctor Who references" or "extreme use of ':B' emoticon" are in the marking criteria. 

Unfortunately my blog has suffered more or less the same fate that this livejournal suffered for years, and I've ignored it all semester.  My groupmate had posted something though, so I finally went and commented on her parasite proposal.  I hope my vague agreement with her proposal counts as 'using my blog', because otherwise I'm just tempted to fill it with Eleven gifs and pictures of Bill.  I'm kind of ambivalent about which parasite we pick because I hate them all and like to kill them all with fire/chemicals/more fire, so I'm happy to do anything.

There is one parasite that I hate most of all though.

Fucking fleas, making me claw all of my skin off while being innately more dapper than I am D:<

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Hey! My Dad used to work for the Institute of Parasitology, Czech Academy of Sciences. I grew up on parasites!

The problem is that I really love it as a subject, but the way it's been taught has overwhelmed me (for some reason they forgot to teach us the basic jargon and instead had an hour long lecture which was just jumping backwards and forwards through taxonomic trees and expecting us to keep up :/). I think I'll really enjoy it when I get a chance to sit down and catch up, because they really are exciting (wtf tapeworm lifecycles), especially compared to pathology.

I just wish we had decent lecturers :/

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