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Ugh art thieves are dumb
Melty!face Two
Seriously, why do they steal my ugly old art?  Especially when there's a tutorial telling them how to make their own ugly old art that they can happily sell for all the stupid website points they could ever want?  When they do that I have to draw attention to the fact that yes, I used to draw like that.


My favourite bit is how in this one they misinterpreted the cat's marking, so theirs looks like it has even more severe posture problems than my original.

Hopefully she'll be decent about this :P  I'm not in the mood to be nice to thieves. 


I'm in a bad mood!  Hurrah!  Apparently the chicken placement guy didn't think that my friend and I were good at communicating, so he gave us a bum report and we've been advised to do extra placements. 

Bugger that.  Yeah, we're probably two of the most introverted people in the year, but we were really good and talkative there.  Not our fault that there wasn't much to talk about, and definitely not our fault that he was hard of hearing, so half the time we just gave up on conversations :/

I'm irritated because he didn't actually say why he'd panned us, so I don't know what I can do about it.  I emailed the coordinator of the whole thing though, so hopefully he'll see that it wasn't as if we were surly and silent all week.

I'm also angry at the Middle East (big surprise) and the Greens at the moment.  Also, I'm really tired from my essay writing spree late into last night :/

That said, Daniela gave me a gif that makes me happy.


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Why are art thieves so dumb? Man I hope they are nice about it Zo, you have to put up with far too much crap with these cowardly thieves.

As for your placement thing, that sucks dood. :< I know my friend Jo, who is in no way quiet, got pulled up on being "too quiet" once in her job training, she then explained to them that actually she likes to listen and take things in rather then talk through everything, and they took it on board- so maybe if you explain the same sort of thing they'll listen.
It damm sucks that people can be punished for being too quiet, when usually it means they are listening and taking in their work enviroment. Bah, ES's...they just don't get it.

I <3 you.

Well I woke up this morning and found that they'd sent me a message about how they were going to give everyone back the points that they paid for them and how they'd only done it because they needed pose inspiration.

I don't know why they didn't just draw similar poses by looking at them...if they'd done that and the lines hadn't matched up I wouldn't really've had anything to go on. DUMB. But I guess that's sorted out.

I don't think my boss would ever call me 'too quiet', considering I'm a constant blabbering stream of useless facts. But yeah, I'm really uncomfortable being judged on my communication skills, especially since if I don't talk it's probably because I have no experience with poultry, so I don't know what to say. Five days is a long time, and I definitely ran out of things to say :/

The lecturer I emailed is a good guy, so hopefully he'll take my explaination into account :/

<3 ilu too <3

Ew, art thieves. Spray them with aciiiiiiid.

Though I kind of get a kick out of seeing badly done traces. Haha, badart you make me laugh.

I need to restock my internet acid supply :C Otherwise I would.

But yeah, I can't stand my old pictures, but traces of my old pictures are laughably bad XD

If you buy them from Thieves R Us, you also get a 5% discount on troll bait!

I'm just cruel and enjoy looking at unoriginal badart (though, only if the person thinks they're the best artist in da wooorld and hates concrit).

Oh yeah, those sorts of badartists are the best :D Endless hilarity there :D

(also, waaaaaaatch We Can Be Heroesssssssss...see if you can spot the cameo that Leah's Tal has in it :D)

Wow. :| Report 'em and get their ass banned from DA! |D

I have half a mind to, with the crappy mood I'm in, but they've rolled over straight away and agreed to everything I demanded, so I think I'll probably just tell them off and tell them that Big Brother is watching and next time I'll go straight for the report button.

Ugh, art thieves. Sorry about that. But at least she's being cooperative, and not all whiny.

I often like whiney ones because you can beat their heads in for stress relief, but I can't be bothered, so I'm glad she's being good about it c: But thanks :B

I figure that I'll just kill all the things and it'll be fine *snugback*

Also, I keep wanting to draw you happytimes!arts, but uni is being a bitch and not giving me any free time :C


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