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Second year notes
Exam technique
There's a box that has been on my floor for the whole holidays, and I've just cleared it out and found my notebook for semester one of last year.  So I thought I'd do a scribbledump, because some of it amused me.  Hurrah, let's do that.


Dog diagrams are boring, civets are more fun.

I watched Buffy over the holidays (over a brain-meltingly short period of time) and decided that I like small-toothed palm civets for Willow (I finally got my act into gear and watched it because people suggested her as a fictional viv for my general analysis :P).  This picture now makes sense to you.

Those are all the notes that I wrote for the lecture on how we will be poor forever because we are Australians :C  Also, my friend doesn't like saiga antelope :C

I drew so many eyes in the eye lecture for some reason.

Bill and Sam :D  They've been around since first year...Bill was a stud ram, but after reading papers on asexuality in sheep I decided that he's a fail!ram instead (lawl ace rams sound adorable.  They get put in with males and females and the rams just go "What?  What do you want me to do?").  He's nice and mild mannered and a farmer or something.  Sam is what the parents of nice children call a Bad Influence.  He smokes too (these are the only characters I've ever had that smoke...).  I think Sam is pissed off that our goat lecture was cancelled in first year, which means that we never learned about them.

There is nothing nice on this page, it's about horse digestion D:<

No doubt Doctor Who is starting soon.

I fell asleep like that once.  It was uncomfortable when I woke up.

POKEMON POKEMON POKEMON POKEMON I also found my DS charger in the box, which makes me happy because it's been missing for ages.  My guy on HG is called Tony and he is a NERD because he names all of his pokemon after characters (usually from TV).  IT'S OK THOUGH, because his parents named him after the main character from Wire in the Blood, so it's not his fault he's like that.


MOAR POKEMON that one is definitely not named after the aforementioned Buffy character, that would be so dorky >>  Also, apparently Doctor Who has started.  SPACEWHALE FROM SPAAAAAACE.

Alonso is the best pokemon for all of the reasons.  All of them.

I have been playing a woodwind instrument for nine years and I still stuffed his hands up >>  Also, lol at the bit at the bottom.

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My mind is obsessive and messy :D

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